Useful Tips on How to Choose the Best Car Rental Service in Bhutan

When you are on tour, a few things can make the difference between how memorable the trip is or isn’t. The quality of the hotel, the quality of the car your ride around in, and of course, the sights that you witness all play an important part in how good you deem your trip to be. When you go to a place as beautiful as Bhutan, you are all but assured of beautiful sights to look at, so it is better to concentrate on booking the best hotel and renting the best vehicle. As far as finding the best car rental service in Bhutan is concerned, it can be done quite easily if you pay heed to a few helpful tips. Discussed below are some tips to help you to find the best place from which you can rent a car.

Seeking the Best Car Rental Service in Bhutan? Remember These Tips

  • Being Wise about the Size

The size of the car that you rent is going to be dependent on the number of people you have with you on the tour. It is obviously not going to make any sense if you rent a sedan or a hatchback but have around 6 or 7 people with you. You are going to need an SUV in such cases. Conversely, if you are with your spouse and two kids, an SUV will be the perfect definition of being superfluous. Of course, larger vehicles give you more storage space for your luggage, so that needs to be kept in mind too when you are choosing the right size for your vehicle.

  • Compare the Prices

Another thing that you have to keep in mind is to compare the prices of the different car rental services that you meet. Needless to say, you should select to rent a car from the service which offers the best vehicle at the most reasonable prices. The price will depend on the size and newness of the car, length of time for which you rent it and quite a few other factors, but all things considered, get a car for which you have to pay the most reasonable rent.

  • With or Without Driver

The thing that needs to be understood is that you can rent a car with or without a driver. If there is someone in your travelling party who knows how to drive, then you can do without a driver, but considering the fact that these are the mountainous roads of Bhutan in question here, you will do well to get a driver along with the vehicle. The roads that you will be traversing are better negotiated with by an experienced driver at the wheel of the car.

These are some tips that you can remember to find the best car rental service in Bhutan. It can be a crying shame if the experience of being in a country as beautiful as Bhutan is marred by renting the wrong vehicle, so you would be served well to find the best that you can get.

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